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Yamilet Sempé is an established Artist of French origins, born in Cuba in 1970 (Naturalized French-American), she return to France in 1988, where she surrounded herself with renowned French artists.

Her art is collected in countries such as Bahrain, Cuba, Spain, France, Italy and USA, just to name a few.

Her art have been auctioned in Artprice and Phi Auctions.

 She resides between Omaha, NE, USA and Paris, France.

Sempé is an autodidact artist with several pictorial languages, the best known are geometric and abstract.

One of her peculiarities is her ability to decompose the geometric by taking it to the abstract, always respecting the colors of her palette.

She is one of the few female artists that has these characteristics.

Her overflowing imagination and her fast and sure eye lead her to visualize every second of the palpable and the mystical of everyday life, to capture it in her geometric and abstract work, where we see reflected both the figurative and the spiritual.

 Her abstract works are inspired by her visions, as dictated by “the hereafter.”

Since childhood Sempé liked to draw nature, (she is a veterinary nurse), her love and passion for animals and plants always aroused her curiosity.

But it was at the age of 46 that the artist decides to devote to painting, a passion that repressed for many years.

Her first geometric work “Cardinal at my Window” (Private Collection USA) was the first signal that alerted the artist, the universe sent once more signals, until then ignored, because days after creating the work, a cardinal (mystic bird) perched on her window.

Another example: the work of great significance is “Moon Dreams” (Private collection Bahrain). A figurative geometric work, where the artist paints a black cat looking at the moon, weeks later came a black cat, found at the edge of the sea, her beloved Omalé, who she considers “her protector.”

This is the work of Sempé, a succession of signs, esoteric and mystical messages reflected in works such as: Invocation to Pandora, Divine Light, The key of Hecate, The Temple, to cite only some of them.

Her work is already being referred into academic papers published by prestigious universities of arts. (“Equilibrium” paper written by Professor Hector Haralambous “Depicting Equilibrium in Geometric Abstraction since 1919”

Throughout the history of art we can find this mystical expression in some painters such as Hilma Af Klint, (founder of the group of the 5 esoteric women following the theosophical ideas of Mme. Blavatsky) …, Kandinsky and Mondrian are two other examples … as a common point with Sempé: geometry, abstraction and spirituality.

We should also mention that the Bauhaus movement has had an influence on her creations.

 We can observe the many geometric mandalas on millimeter paper drawn by Sempé, convinced of the great healing power of these works, inspired by the mystical painter and healer Emma Kunz. These mandalas are, today, considered one of the therapeutic healing methods.

The colors that Sempé uses are not by chance, always present the orange that denotes enthusiasm and passion; Kandinsky says that orange arouses feelings of strength, energy, ambition, joy and triumph. Characteristic features of the personality of the artist Sempé.

We also notice orange circles in her works that represent the Rose of Jericho (the artist’s favorite flower), symbolizing the phoenix in the plant world, convinced that art, nature and life are strongly connected.

 “I am only an instrument of the creator” tell us with the sincerity that characterizes her.

 During her creation she comes into contact with her spiritual guides, as in a trance state, then works quickly and safely without changing a single stroke.

There are many examples that we can cite about Sempé’s work, which confirms that she is one of the few, if not unique, female artists that expresses herself in the geometric, abstract and mystical language.

(All artworks are copyright)

Geometric & Abstract